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Even the youngest boys and girls are different range of interests. If suddenly the boy picked up a doll - no doubt, dress up and cradle it does not intend to. His interests are wider - for example, to see what she has inside. The same is the case with computer games. There are games for both girls and boys. This does not mean that a girl can not play shooters, racing and adventure games. But prefer your young lady will give more romantic story than shoot from the mafia boss. There are a number of sites, which contains games for girls. On these sites, beautiful princesses reign and glamorous film star. That is such a game, which is by no means the boys might be interested. Free games for girls are focused on different age groups. The selection of games is quite wide, from simple puzzles with large elements, which can even learn a three-year baby, to create a glamorous magazine - the game that mothers play with no less pleasure than their 13-year-old daughter. Despite the irony of the stronger games games for girls - this is not only the dress. Although the dress and reached a high level of development, particularly in the last 2 years. For those who like to play games for girls, a lot of surprises in store developers: this is different quests, and logic puzzles, and games that require dexterity, and exciting quests. These games have one major difference from a purely "male" games: they are more colorful, full of pink and blue flowers, carefully drawn characters and visual appeal. All this in order to please the female eye is more sensitive to beauty than men. And the characters are "girlish" games, of course, not monsters or supermen. In these games, the main characters are the characters of Disney cartoons, funny little animals, angels, dolls Bratz, Winx fairies and other favorite girls cutie. Each game has a small, but always romantic plot. Help lovers meet, dress up the bride and groom, to get together with Cupid hearts - those jobs offer online games for girls. It is clear that the boys did not like the game cause any interest. Very useful to develop sim games for girls. Some of them will help in life to choose a profession. These games teach future women care for the baby, pets, open a salon-shop or restaurant, do the procedure ill patients - in short, to simulate life situations.

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