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We all remember and love the good old puzzle. As a child, it was the number one pastime. This game belongs to the genre of puzzles. Where you need to collect all the elements together and get a picture. Many psychologists are advised to collect puzzles, because they develop your logic, visual memory, and is working with small parts that improve motor skills. To date, have become popular puzzles online to play them, you can at any time, while you do not need much space. All fragments of the picture will be on your screen, and you can turn them at the touch of bears. Here you will choose any image and be able to collect it all day. Play free puzzle games are very convenient. You can call for help of their friends or relatives. As well as participate in tournaments or competitions. Some games are a lot of steps that must be overcome for some time. And if you do not have time, it all starts again. In such puzzles to play online sometimes very interesting and exciting, and most importantly that it contributes to the development of your care. There are many topics of online puzzle games that represent a wide variety of subjects pictures. They may be children or for boys and girls. Here you can collect photos of animals or characters from the cartoon. All fragments of the board game are colorful and bright. Each element has a different color and shape. Adults can also play online puzzles. Many Flash applications contain hard figures with lots of fragments. They may be of different themes: nature, space, religion, geography, and other erotica. The main thing is that they contain a rich picture of the object, with many details that are difficult to discern. It is believed that if the puzzle is not more than 260 items, they children. Because a mature person to think quickly and carefully. Puzzle or mosaic need not be of the form to which we have become accustomed. Pieces of puzzles may have very different shapes: rectangles or squares with recesses or bulges. It can also be triangles, ovals, and other geometric shapes. The basic idea is that there was a pattern that consists of many elements, which eventually can be collected. A few years ago, there was a boom in the puzzle. Collected them as a family, were given on birthdays, and folded the picture pasted on cardboard and hung on the wall. Now, to be replaced by computer online puzzles, which are flash games. They do not take up space on the table, and are a good analogue of our favorite game, which is very interesting.

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