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Action games have in the 90 years of the last century and quickly became popular not only among children but also among parents. There is probably not a single person who has not played or at least heard of Mario - the hero of one of the earliest and most popular classic brodilok. At first glance, the game online rpg not a major difficulty, but in reality it is not - bordilki are complex and easily tightened. It is believed that a few games surrendered their positions and lost their popularity. They even lost its name and became known as the platformer. However, this is not the true state of affairs - Action games are loved by many. Love them, and those who are nostalgic for the nineties and did not want to take the name "platform", the old-fashioned calling them rpg. They like to play rpg games and children of those who are nostalgic. Perhaps, too, and grandchildren will not disregard a favorite of all the exciting journey. World Network has given a new life and restored to its former popularity Adventure. The developer of computer games created a lot of new platformer - brodilok and written new versions of old, all-honored favorites. With its modern features, these games are visually appealing, many of them in 3D. Once logged in, gaming sites, you can play free games arcades, the choice of which simply endless. Despite the seeming simplicity of the plot and control sometimes not possible to break away from passing through labyrinth. The game world absorbs your attention completely, regardless of the player's age, intelligence and status. Play free rpg hours may schoolchildren, students and business people between meetings, and even retirees. Especially since the progress in computer technology put these games on a par with the simulator, in which the graph is very close to reality. But we did not remember about a symbiosis Action-shooter who made this category of games even more fun by adding them to action. Somehow assumed rpg games for boys. It is not. Especially for girls, a series platformer where the protagonists are the girls favorite Disney cartoon characters, fairies Winx, funny animals. Who would not play in them, the good old adventure games give an opportunity to relax, to get away briefly from the problems and unresolved issues, nervous system and restore power. So, to improve our quality of life.

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